The Big Sky Project     


  • Donnie J. Seibel, Zero3 Catastrophe - Creative implementations, collaboration and recommendations for numerous TBSP artwork endeavors.

  • Mink Street Photography, Delaware Ohio - Photography.

  • Superdoll, Tara B - Photography, booking and marketing collaboration.

  • Nick Shepard - Recording, Sound Engineer as well as drum sessionist on "One Time Around" & "Learn To Be".

  • Aaron Mans - "Big Sky" photo used in albums "The Big Sky Project" & "Beyond The Horizon".

  • Simon Paul - Photography.

  • Gerry Meger - Capturing videos of TBSP's live shows.

  • Ulrich C. Beinert for granting permission to use a customized version of his "Desert Stars" photo for some of TBSP's publications.

  • Viktor Persson for providing a public domain license for the "Blackbox" CSS template & related items used to structure this website.